Personalized Training Program in Stock markets

Learn the Ideas to make money from market experts!
Are you looking to maximize the returns on your investment comparedto the defensive investment classes? Are you passionate to learn about trading and want to make it a source of income? Stock market is the place where the listed asset classes deliver inflation beating, superior returns.

Many people think investing in stock markets isvery risky. Navigating through those risky waters and excelling in trading could be a challenging task. We can help you to learn to invest in stock markets and share with you various ideas of money making and investing strategies.

We help participants of all age groups (18 years and above) to learn it in a simple step by step manner, with easy to understand language and help you grasp the basics of stock markets and embark your journey on investing with confidence to make your own financial decisions.

Participants will not only learnhow to invest on stocks and other asset classes that are listed in stock exchanges, but also learn useful trading techniques and strategies through a disciplined approach, with hand holding help throughout your trading journey by a dedicated relationship manager who will help build diversified stock portfolios.

What is Stock Market

How does the Stock Market Work

How to invest in Stock Market

How are the stock prices determined

What is Nifty / Sensex

Stock Valuation & Analysis (PE, Ratio and EPS)

Intraday / Delivery trading /Margin trading

Understanding Margins

Equity Futures & Options, Currency & Commodity

Trading and investing in Gold & Silver through stock markets

What is an IPO

What is a Demat Account

Systematic Investment Plan &its advantages (Equity / Mutual Funds )

How to trade Online Demo of Desktop / Browser / Mobile based trading channels with concepts

Understanding Transactions reports – Contract note, bills,margin statement and ledgers

Tax Structures and capital gains

Learn to identify stock price movements and gain acquaintance about the short term and long term investments.
Gain the ability to analyse the market and make profit by trading or investing at the right time
Tactics to apply in trading to reduce risk and gain profit in the stock market.
Course Timeline:
1 Month (20 Trading sessions) with maximum of 30 minutes per session.
Mode of Training:
Webinar / Remote (Practical Live Training)
Training Course Fee – Rs.1999 /- + GST
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